Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh, the things...

I could be. When you are young you are going to be a million things, however, as you get older the list gets shorter...more reasonable, more responsible. I have decided I am going to keep dreaming. I am going to keep wondering. I am young enough that my what if's can still become my back thens. I am excited about the life ahead of me. I am excited to see what is in store. Will I be a dancer, singer? Will I have my perfect wedding, with the perfect groom? Will I be famous, for all the world to look at? Will I be an inspirational teacher?

Oh the things I could be! Oh the advedtures I can have! And even if my life is less than adventureous I will still know that I am what I was meant to be, and no matter what I am GOING to make a difference. Weather it be through someone else or by my own works.

My difference may be small, it may be life changing. Maybe I will even save the world.
But as long as I do something, become someone I will be everything I have ever dreamed.

I will be Anna Leigh Monk. The girl who lived life for everything it could be. Who loved through hurt, happiness, bumpy road, and smooth. Who helped and hurt. Who did everything she set her mind to.

I will be me. And I am SO excited.