Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Words are...

and underrated and overused tool and weapon. I in my life have always had all of these words flouting and whirling through the ocean that is my brain and I never and probably will never know how to put them in the right order to convey exactly what it is that my heart is saying...

But I do try.

Through my short but big life I have always hated surface conversation. Standing around in a circle at church, or school, or a party talking about the latest television show or how the weather has been acting lately has always drove me to a point of insanity because it doesn't MEAN anything. You are using and wasting all of these beautifully formulated words to discuss a dull topic that will not change the course of humanity or smaller but in my mind more importantly change they way one person sees something. Because my friends you must understand, one persons train of thought and attitude towards life CAN change the world. You never know who you are insulting and what that insult can stifle. Or what that insult can grow into. But more importantly what a beautiful and kind word can do. What a wonderful and well thought out phrase can do. What a conversation about ones soul while looking into their eyes can create.

I always try and dig beneath the surface conversations and ask the difficult questions. Or say the thing on everyones mind that no one seems to want to articulate and I seem to get outcast for it. I get called a silly little girl with to much time on her hands. A child that doesn't know anything. Yes it intrigues for a time, no one can believe such a worthless little creature is expressing herself in such great detail to virtually anyone...but then it get olds. And it gets tangled. And it dies. And then I become someone no one wants to talk to, because if you were to ask me "How are you"

I. Will. Answer.