Sunday, December 16, 2012

I know that in the human race it is a difficult concept to grasp that change can happen, that people that have hurt us or hurt themselves can really make life change and become a better person, but I am here to tell you that it is possible and can happen, but only through God and with his constant help.

I have done lots of things in this life that I am not proud of and become a person I never thought I would be, but our wonderful heavenly father broke me. He brought me to my rock bottom and was there to pick up my shattered life. I am a changed person and its wonderful, but that is not why I write this today.

Encouragement is the theme for this blog, encouragement is what I am here to discuss, because encouragement seems to be lost in this world.
Now, don't get me wrong, the people that know me well have seen this change in me, they have seen that there has been a real and drastic mold in my heart and soul, but there are others out there that have done nothing but dismiss this life change of mine. They believe its just another person claiming change and that my decision to not drink, not smoke, and not have sex is just a phase that will break in a matter of weeks, but even if that is so why not encourage it? Why not try and make it so?

There is a difference, my friends, between keeping someone accountable for their actions and tearing them down. I want to be held accountable but I also need encouragement. Although I'm hopeful and faithful in this change, does not discount the fact that it is extremely difficult. I was very depended on the things I was going through but I have seen that there is more to this life, more that I can offer this world.

You as my fellow man, and especially my fellow believers should take this as another one of God's battles that you must fight. Encourage your fellow man, say you can do it! Don't say "we will see how long this last."

I am not only talking about myself, but everyone. Everyone need encouragement to get through the troubles they face.

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