Saturday, September 14, 2013

here goes...

I don't really know how the reaction of this blog is going to go because most of you already know this, but the ones that don't were been kept in the dark for a reason, but my concern can no longer be for you. I'll start with just saying it: I'm gay.

Now for the explanation for any of you that may be confused. Growing up I always knew I was romantically and physically attracted to woman, but as most of you know I was also raised in a very religious household. Due to the way I was raised I pushed down those feelings as far as I could because I thought there was no way that was the right way to feel and I felt like I would never be loved if I chose to feel that way. Like many in my position I was scared and confused.
However that didn't change my desire for love and affection so I dove into relationship after relationship all failing drastically because I always felt like something was missing and so I would do something to screw it up and move on to the next one no time flat. In doing so i made many mistakes and hurt many people and most of all I hurt myself.
Now still heavily believing in God and in doing so I thought I had to believe the way I felt was wrong I decided that maybe the right thing to do was not date at all and spend time getting to know myself and christ but what I have discovered was not what I thought Id find at all. I found that the only way I am truly going to be happy with myself and not be lonely was to be honest. I have always prided myself on my honesty but I have buried my true self for years out of fear, and I just can't do that any longer. This may not be a shock to most of you, but it will come to a shock to some and even a heart break to others. All I ask is that you continue to love me because I am the same girl you've always known, and if you can't love me now…then you never really did.

So here is to a fresh start of me being my complete self. I will love whoever it is that I fall in love with, and I am determined to be happy.


  1. You are amazing and strong. Thanks for sharing this, I am sure it will be an inspiration to others with backgrounds like your own!

  2. Anna, I love you woth all my heart no matter who you choose to love. Your still going to be one of my closest girlfriends no matter what. We may not talk much anymore...but I still love you and care about you with all my heart.